A forum for the discussion of biography in the 21st century.

As promised, highlights of the conference are now available here on the website. Regrettably, for technical and other reasons not all talks are available (e.g. Frederic Raphael’s trenchant conference launch), but the podcasts confirm the quality of presentation and debate, as highlighted by Ray Monk’s post-conference blog (see below)

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3 July 2012

Stuart Profitt – A Publisher’s Point of View Download accompanying transcript

Robert Fraser – Biography, Satire, and Remembrance

June Parvis – Writing a biography of First Wave feminist Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragette leader in Edwardian Britain. What differing stories do biographers tell?

Becky Conekin – Model Lives: The Challenge of Writing the History of Professional Fashion Modelling in London c. 1947 to 1967

Tim Waterstone – Whither the book?

Panel Discussion

4 July 2012:

Andrew Hadfield – Edward Spencer and the Reconstruction of Early Modern Lives

Paal Antonsen – Fictional Biographical Characters

Alex Danchev – Whither the Lives of the Artists?

Jeremy Treglown – The Death of the Life: Reports Exaggerated?

Silke Roth – “It’s a small world” – Presenting Research on International Aid Workers

Helen Rappaport – The Search for a Subject: Finding New Ways of Looking at Old Stories

Liz Baigent – The Geography of Biography: The Various Lives of Kate Marsden, Traveller to Siberia in the 1890s

Jack Corbett – In Defence of Empathy: Leadership Narratives and the Methodological Practice of Collective Biography

Richard Holmes – Biography and Science